CAD Syndrome (Whiplash)
Whiplash is more accurately described as "cervical acceleration/deceleration syndrome", because this terminology describes the rapid movements that can injure the vertebra of the neck along with the muscles and ligaments that support it when those structures are impacted from a blow from the rear. The astonishing thing about whiplash which researchers have recently discovered, is that it can result from low speed collisions - in fact, as low as 3 miles per hour - and it often is present in crashes where no vehicular damage occurs. Our heads are so poorly supported in cars that even the mildest impact from the rear can disrupt the delicate balance of head and neck muscles and ligaments that we so take for granted. Some doctors find it hard to believe their patients who complain of persistent headaches, neck pain, dizziness, etc. after "minor" car collisions, yet these symptoms persist for weeks, months, and in rare cases, years after the initial impact. Whiplash is a serious public health problem. Each year, 3 million people experience whiplash neck and back injury, and data collected by researchers show that nearly half of all Americans with chronic neck pain attribute it to car crashes.

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