Your "True North" - Pelvic Neutral
Ever heard of it? Ask your next door neighbor. Then ask your other next door neighbor. Now ask a patient of Dr. Lori's. You'll get an answer something like this, "Oh it's something she makes you do where you have to lie on your back and tuck your pelvis up and it looks totally weird but it really helps if you do it like you are supposed to." That about sums it up - but if you can find "pelvic neutral", you're on your way to finding your True North, because the pelvic neutral position is itself a strengthening position - and so if you can find that position while you are upright, you will be improving your posture, strengthening your postural muscles, and tightening and toning your abdominal wall. When you lift heavy objects you should be especially careful that you are in a "pelvic neutral" position, because operating from a position of strength and proper posture gives you much less chance for injury.

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